Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) employs a variety of modalities that all have specific purposes during the course of one's treatment to stimulate and encourage the healing process.  Any one acupuncture session can include a selection of these modalities depending upon the patient's diagnostic needs.  Select treatments are also available for those seeking a specific modality of TCM, such as APIT, cupping, herbal medicine, or nutritional/lifestyle counseling. Please see below.



Acceptable payment methods include: check, Zelle, Square , Venmo & Paypal.
  • Acupuncture -New Patient (90 min) $135
  • Acupuncture -Follow-up (50 min) $100
  • 12 pack series for Facial Rejuvenation- $1200 (*currently on hold due to covid)
  • APIT for Pain Relief/Acute/Chronic Health conditions (rate varies depending on treatment)
  • Cupping (30 min) $45.00
  • Herbal/Nutritional/Lifestyle Counseling (30 min) $60.00
  • IVF  Treatments - Day of Transfer (If clinic allows, I will accompany you to your transfer. Rates subject to change; please contact for more info)
  • Complimentary 20 min initial phone consult